Hi there. I am a speaker, marketer, and producer.

My worlds are politics, entertainment, and business.

I help curate influence for organizations.

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I have helped organizations curate influence and incredible experiences with these companies:


Ryan Bethea is a digital grassroots marketing consultant who helps organizations leverage the power of virality with a physical “boots on the ground” marketing arm. Ryan has worked with three best-selling authors, including #1 international marketing celebrity Erik Qualman and syndicated columnist and acclaimed national radio host, Dennis Prager.

In his marketing work, Ryan has facilitated enterprise sales deals in a wide myriad of industries, including aviation, politics, telecom, film, consumer brands, and human resources. Ryan’s political work began in 2014 when Ryan lead grassroots marketing efforts for best-selling author Dinesh D’souza’s  film AMERICA (Lionsgate), which went on to become the #6 highest-grossing political documentary of all time. Most recently Ryan created and built the global student ambassador network, PragerFORCE for the fastest growing non-profit online, Prager University. PragerFORCE viral campaigns have helped Prager University reach over 200mm views.

Ryan has advised numerous start-ups, including Surf Air, the nation’s first all-you-can-fly, private airline and now serves on advisory councils for The Lincoln Initiative, Prager University, and Justice Rising which helps build schools in war-torn areas across the Congo.

Ryan lives in Los Angeles and co-hosts the syndicated Podcast, While We Are On the Subject, with former Romney Chief Digital Strategist, Aaron Ginn. The show features prominent politicians, entrepreneurs, and artists. Most recently, Ryan and Aaron interviewed US Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson (pictured below).

Where Tech, Politics, and Absurdity Collide.

The search is over. You’ve been looking for us your entire life, and we’ve been waiting. Welcome to While We’re On The Subject (“WWOTS” for short), the show that features interviews with notorious entrepreneurs, haughty politicians…and even a few above average impersonations, in just 15 minutes! Hosted by two millennial technologists, one brilliant, the other… loud, WWOTS is short, sweet and fun doses of the stuff of substance.

Ryan is a value-creating machine. Love working with him.

Erik Qualman

#1 international Best Selling Author and Socialnomics Founder

Few people can get you to the right people, like Ryan.

John Sullivan

Legendary Producer & Director, 2016 Obamas America and AMERICA

The ultimate sales and business development guru!

Matt Clifford

Founder Barnana

Ryan’s an impressive guy!

John Kruger

Managing Partner, Travis Matthew

Ryan’s energy and ideas are a blast to work with.

Stephen Shapiro

Best Selling Author and Speaker, Former Head of Innovation at Accenture

Ryan is the ultimate connector. His business development ideas are second to none.

Emerson Spartz

Founder Mugglenet and Dose.com

I enjoyed working with Ryan so much, I decided to do a show with him!

Aaron Ginn

Founder Lincoln Labs, Former Head of Product and StumbleUpon

Ryan was huge in helping us get off the ground.

Wade Eyerly

Founder SurfAir

Contact Form & Speaking Requests

I currently have several talks that I routinely share with universities and businesses. These talks center around business development, connecting, and building relationships.

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